Sarti Beach spreads over an area of 3 km and is awarded for many years with the blue flag. Besides from the large beach in front of the settlement, there are numerous small beaches of great natural beauty. Only 1.5 km. from the village lies Achlada, a natural fishermen port with crystal clear water and a magnificent landscape. About 4 km. you come across the Platanitsi camping with its unique beach and its lively atmosphere. Few kilometers away one can find an area called Kavourotrypes with its distinctive crystal clear shallow water beach Portokali. Other beaches worth visiting are those of Armenistis as well as southern of Sarti, the beach of Sykia, Linaraki and Kalamitsi. For those who enjoy active sports, Sarti has a completely organized Water Sports Centre where you can try activities such as water ski, scuba-diving, surfing, kayak, etc. Apart from the local excursions that you can go on individually, there are numerous guided tours and excursions that are offered by the local travel agencies. We strongly recommend you go on a daily cruise on a boat along Mount Athos. On the third and eastern peninsula of Halkidiki lies the monk’s republic which is a self-administrating part of the Greek-Orthodox church and has twenty cloisters with invaluable historical and religious objects from the Byzantine time. Since its foundation the admission is prohibited to women and only adult men can only enter after receiving specific permission. All of the boats and ships sail along Mount Athos allowing you to marvel the breathtaking view of the cloisters and to receive information about the cloisters’ history as well as the monastic life from the tour guides on board. Additional offered tours and excursions consist of a daily cruise to the Blue Lagoon, a cruise to the Toronaios Bay, a roundtrip to Sithonia and a daily excursion to Thessaloniki.
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